Alamo Community Information

With such a short proximity to San Francisco and Oakland’s downtown areas, the arts, theatre and a bustling nightlife are readily available to the residents of Alamo. Cultural vignettes spot the city in addition to diversity programs, historical sites, a beautiful landscape and outdoor recreational activities topping the list of conveniences available to its populace.

Initially a farming community, Alamo switched from wheat to fruits and nuts after the Southern Pacific Railroad built a line through the area in 1891. It developed as a residential suburb starting in 1947, when the first sizeable housing tracts were constructed, and its population boomed in the 1970s and 1980s. The most impressive draw to the Alamo and San Francisco area is its natural beauty. Blessed with a mild climate, Alamo and its neighboring cities have an active population with a great love of the open air. Outdoor enthusiasts can find a multitude of offerings within the local national forests and state parks along with city bike and walking clubs.

Almost every industry is found within the metropolitan area, feeding its developing economy. Contra Costa County has one of the fastest growing work forces among Bay Area counties, with growth in its employment base being driven primarily by the need to provide services to an increasing local population.

Whether it's the diverse cultural and recreational opportunities, the friendly people or the beautiful natural scenery, Alamo and the surrounding communities afford a quality of life second to none. The combination of small town charm within a short distance of a clean and lively downtown make Alamo a great place to call home.

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